I find it very important not only to work for oneself, but also working with other people passionated about their projects. Being infected by fresh enthusiasm and new motivations. That's the case of Eldorado and the reason I've been collaborating with them since they began.

Ongoing collaboration with the editorial platform Eldorado.

My participation in this project is through a series of maps that represents and locate the travels/experiences presented by Eldorado.

Eldorado’s aim is to create stories that showcase individual experiences related to nature, travel, adventure and outdoor sports; telling every aspect of the journey, even the most intimate and personal, in order to inspire people and remind everyone that you can find the wonder simply getting a bit out of the comfort zone.

1. Map of The Alps for the experience "Transalp". 2014. Graphite.

2. Map of Iceland for the experience "Iceland's call". 2015. Oil paint on canvas.

3. Map of the Route 66 for the experience "The Mother Road". 2015. Makers on acetate.

4. Map of Perú, Bolivia and Chile, made for the experience "Kingdoms of Ice, Silver and Salt". 2017. Scan of three different colour sand.

5. Map of Columbretes Islands, made for the experience "Remote Mediterranean". 2016. Pen and watercolour on paper.

6. Map of Tenerife, made for the experience "Seanomads". 2016. Scan of oil paint on plastic.

7. Map of Asia for the experience "Freewheeling' Asia". 2014. Collage.

8. Map of Panama for the experience "Surf Panama". 2014. Graphite and colour pencils.

9. Map of Iceland. 2017. Spray paint on paper.

10. Map of the Artic Ocean for the experience "Sailing The Artic". 2014. Oil painting.

11. Map of The Madives for the experience "Floating riders of the Indian Ocean". 2015. Acrilic painting.

12. Map of Iceland for the experience "Inner Balance". 2015. Piece of ice scanned.

13. Map of the Austral road, made for the experience "Down the Carretera Austral". 2016. Marker on paper.

14. Map of Dominican Republic, made for the experience "A surreal Republic". 2017. Gouache on photocopy.

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Ángela Palacios