Visual artist and cultural agent. Living and working in Barcelona.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more → ang.palacios(at)gmail(dot)com

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My artwork is developed through both, a personal work that uses drawing and painting as main technologies, and my participation and commitment in the art collectives and cultural-practice and collaborative projects I’m part of, Larre and Fireplace. (find + info at “Projects” and below)

The common intention and desire is always to generate creative forces and critical thinking with which being able to approach more diverse and sustainable visions and experiences of our realities.

I’m always enthusiastic with the idea of working with other people, initiatives and organizations, so I’m usually involved in mediation, education and community projects, that become chances for me to take up the challenge of working in new contexts that allow interaction, participation, learning and communication with different agents and matters. 


Fireplace. Artist-run art and cultural initiative co-organized and co-cared along with Quim Packard. Fireplace is a cultural platform, a meeting point, an organization, a community, a facilitator, a laboratory and an ongoing-active-collaborative-and-practice research project to think and test what an art organization can, should or can’t be.

Larre. Trio formed with Priscila Clementti and Lara Garcia Diaz, becoming a work group and a driving force to explore feminist practices and tools of critical thinking.

On the other hand, I also run Mila Piggott, which is the pseudonym I use for my illustration project. She is the figure I use to explore my drawing universe, to experiment with different painting languages and to work with more commercial purposes and in collaborative projects.


ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: This website serves me to organize, display and communicate my art work, paintings and drawings, in a way that I can keep working through the images, establishing further links between all the works, pictures, texts and my music favourites. In the section “Projects” you will find some information + links about the art and cultural initiatives I co-care and co-organize, as well as information about workshops and educational programs I’m involved in. There is also an online shop for those interested in acquiring any of my works.



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Ángela Palacios