Currently living and working in Barcelona, where I also co-organize the artist-run space and platform Fireplace Project, along with Quim Packard.

Feel free to contact me → ang.palacios(at)gmail (dot)com


ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: This website serves me to organize, display and communicate my work, but also as the digital space where I can keep working through the images, establishing further links between all the works, pictures, texts and my music compilations. In the section “Write” you will find some texts about my work along with other texts by different authors, which I find relevant to my practice. There is also an online shop for those interested in acquiring any of my works.



In the begining of 2015, along with the artist Quim Packard, we founded Fireplace, an artist-run space and cultural platform based in Barcelona. (+ info bellow)

My work has been exhibited at Espacio Trapezio (2017), Carreras Mugica art gallery (2016), La Puntual (2016), as part of the project “Re-Ilustrazioa” along with the artist Raúl Dominguez and curated by Oier Etxeberria in Cristina Enea Fundation (2014); at Montehermoso Cultural Center (2012 and 2009), Fundación Bilbaoarte (2012), Club Larraskito Bilbao (2012), Espacio Passadís Barcelona (2013), Ormond Studios (Dublin), Windsor art gallery, Sala Conde Rodezno, Museo del Montsià and Vila Casas Fundation.

In 2013, I published the book “Paisajes | Jardines | Palmeras / Love | Obsession | Desire”.

I continuously get involved in collaborative projects with other cultural agents. Among others I’ve collaborated with: the children’s education program “Fènix: La revolta de les naus” curated by Antoni Hervás at Sant Andreu Contemporani Art Centre (2016), Folch Studio, the art office Bulegoa z/b, Fuerza Vital and Cine Ilegal and Club Larraskito.

For the development of my work I have had the support of the grant “Arte e Investigación” (awarded by the Cultural Centre Montehermoso, 2011), the grants by the Basque Government for the Promotion of the Arts (2012) and for the Development of Artistic Projects (2011) and the Painting Award by the Parlament of La Rioja.

Graduated from the University of Barcelona (2009), I studied the last course in the University of the Basque Country. An experience that provided me with the opportunity to learn and practice two complementary ways to approach the art process. Then, after my Academic Education, I was lucky to be a resident in the Block-T Artist Residence (Dublin, 2010) and also to have a workspace in different shared studios in Bilbao as well as in Barcelona.


ABOUT FIREPLACE: It is a cultural platform with the objective to promote creative exchange in the Barcelona context. Throughout its co-working space and a program of Firesessions, walks, residencies and art courses and seminars, Fireplace focuses on the importance of art in a postdigital environment as a catalyzer for exchange of ideas and critical thinking.

Fireplace is located in Poblenou (Barcelona) and as a space it pivots around the idea of the cultural institution as a shared workspace rather than a gallery of final results, stepping away from the museum-like gallery and looking towards the co-working office or the cafe as a model.


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Ángela Palacios